January 29, 2020
Desert Safari Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time we suggest you visit Desert Safari Dubai. Dubai one of the most promising travel destinations in the world which gives you a variety of tours, excursion and sightseeing include Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Fountain show, and Burj lake ride, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Museum, and many more. Out of all Desert Safari is considered to be the best place to visit in Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai is a unique chance to experience the extraordinary beauty of the enchanting desert. There is a chance for you to experience the unique blend of the desert. Desert safari Dubai is also called as the golden sand of Arabia and is famous for its beauty.

Desert Safari is a premium attraction for visitors who visit Dubai, It is a unique blend of many adventurous sports and delightful experience of an Arabian night where you can get a chance to enjoy various activities like dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding and many more.

Desert Safari tour includes many different kinds of sub tours. People should select the one that most applicable to them according to the availability of time. These types include Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari, Private Desert Safari, and Over-night Desert Safari.


Many people select the Evening Desert Safari deal to see the beautiful sunset view in the desert. We hardly get a chance to see the beautiful view of the sunset and desert beauty at the same time. Therefore, people prefer to go to the Evening Desert Safari to capture the tour’s glances and the beautiful sunset view. As the sun was about to down and the weather was mild, the sand appeared to be more beautiful and colorful this time.

You would be pleased to see the soft lighting around you during the evening. You can also get a chance to enjoy many other activities like Sand skiing, Quad biking, camel riding, sand dune buggy ride, belly dance, Tanura dance, smoking shisha, delicious BBQ dinner and many more.

The Evening Desert Safari is considered to be best because it gives a chance to visitors the beautiful sun rays providing a perfect background for the best photographs.


There are many popular activities in the Evening Desert Safari which will provide you everlasting joy and fun to make your trip memorable. There are as follow:


An exciting part of an evening desert safari is “sand dune bashing” a 4*4 vehicle drive deep into the desert and you can enjoy the ride over the soft sand dunes. The vehicle can accommodate about six individuals at a time. You bd able to participate with your all family members and friends during this activity and you will surely be amazed by riding Sand dune.

Be careful before riding Sand dune. Make sure that you are taking an only light meal before dun bashing. Enjoy this ride comfortably by drinking the minimum amount of water and eating light food. Heavy food and excessive water will cause you to make uncomfortable.


You can make your evening Desert safari trip more joyful by camel riding. It is one of the most fascinating activities you will find in the desert. Camel riding is the way to recognize the transportation facility of people in the early times. You will be able to get pleasure by sitting on camel’s back and can explore the beautiful sights of Desert Safari Dubai.


Sandboarding is another great experience that you will never forget ever in your entire life. It is a super fun ride on the golden sand mountains. Many companies provide you a tour guide who performs a few demonstrations for you and will give you instructions and a complete guide. IT will not take too much time to pick up techniques and is much similar to ice skating. The only difference is that sandboarding can be a ride on a sand dune and ice skating is done on ice. You will surf on the sand by using wood boards and experience the Desert Safari trip like never before. All visitors can enjoy this ride. The only factor required is obtaining balanced on the board. Do not be tensed of getting injured since the sand below you is too soft and freely surf over the dunes. You will surely get pleasure.


Quad biking experience is such an amazing adventure in the Evening Desert Safari which will quench your thirst for a thrill. It will boost your energy. It is a ride that can only ride at a very high speed. While riding a quad bike your energy, as well as your confidence, would be on a high level. It is not recommended for fainthearted people. It is an amazing ride that can be ride over the lush golden dunes of Desert Safari. While riding this you are requested to wear helmets and spectacles for your safety. Children below 15 years are not allowed to take this ride because It is not suitable for children.


Dune buggy ride is an optional ride that depends on the tourist’s choice. You can ride the buggy across the golden sand dunes. You can also capture the beautiful moments from Dune buggy and can explore nature. It is the two seated vehicle along with a modified engine that took us to the storms. It looks like a rugged golf cart and had an Arabian essence in it.


Dubai Desert Safari involves many instructions to follow. These instructions are:

  1. Wear light and loose-fitting clothes to combat the heat of the Desert Safari. You should feel comfortable in your loose dress to participate in all the activities.

You should wear ventilated sneakers to protect the feet from the hot desert. It also keeps the feet sweat-free and relaxed. It helps you in getting a good drip on the desert sand.

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