How To Explore The Dubai Desert

How To Explore The Dubai Desert

October 15, 2019
Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai desert is a part of the famous Arabian Desert. During our childhood, we might have heard a lot of stories which included the tales of the Arabian Desert and as you grow up you always want to add on great activities in your experiences. Dubai desert is one of the most popular tourist spots that UAE has. People from all over the country come and enjoy this tour with friends or family. The best way to explore the Dubai desert is to book yourself a Dubai desert tour. This tour is pretty well-known and highly recommended by most of the tourists visiting the country. So if this is your first time going on a Dubai desert tour then continue reading and find out all the great things that the tour has to offer you.

Fun activities:

The main activity starts as soon as you enter the Dubai desert; it is extremely fun yet horrifying. Your heart might skip a beat but trust me after the rides over you would crave for more. The best part about the safari ride is that this is absolutely safe and even young kids can enjoy this ride. If you want to add on the thrill at a more personal level then you can do it by adding on a quad bike or a sandboard option. You will be able to find both of the items at the Dubai desert and by just paying a little extra you can enhance on the thrill level. On the other hand, if you wish to experience the desert in the most ancient form then you can also avail the option of riding a camel which would be super fun and exciting. 

Dubai-desert camp:

The Dubai desert camp is a great option that the tour provides once you are tired of all the hectic activities. The camp is pretty neat and is decorated in an Arabic theme. You would find pillows and sofas which are situated on the ground. While you wait for the exciting stuff to start you can also move around and go to different stalls which are situated there. You would be able to find henna, sheesha and great souvenirs that you would be able to take back home. After you are done exploring the camp around make sure to find a comfortable spot from where it would be easier for you to observe the sunset. Let me remind you that the sunsets in the desert a great sight for you to watch. You will be able to observe the sky as it changes its color and until it reaches a complete azure color and you would be able to see the bright shining stars clearly. 

Buffet dinner and Entertainment:

The camp also makes sure to fulfill your hunger requirements. They would offer a huge buffet dinner which would comprise of various dishes and also they would have a lot of vegetarian options to choose from. On the other hand, after you are done with the dinner you would surely need some entertainment which is the belly-dancing and the tenoura dances, these are indeed great performances

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