January 25, 2020
Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari is the most beautiful and common visiting place in Dubai. It is considered to be the best visiting place in the United Arab Emirates. It has become one of the leading attractions from the city and tourists can get some beautiful look at the area as well as they spend some beautiful moments of their life. Dubai Desert Safari has always been one of the most thrilling experiences for people visiting Dubai.

When you hear the words “desert safari”, you probably think of nothing but a large mass od sand. But, that’s not true in desert safari there are a lot of activities to enjoy. This desert land has skiing in an enclosed ski mall. How cool is that! Shopping, fun on the beach, taking the roller coaster ride and much more. Dubai offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy. Out of all the fantastic opportunities, one stands out is the Dubai Desert Safari. It offers the most exciting and fantastic experience for visitors.


It is a great way to explore the sandy areas. It is such experience of a lifetime which combines the thrill of a roller coaster ride, and the essence of Arabic culture. When you think of going for the short trip to the Dubai Desert Safari, then there are typically two choices available for you. One is morning desert safari and the other is evening desert safari. However, you can also visit the desert safari for a night stay. There are many activities for enjoyment includes Dune Bashing, Camel riding, sand ski, quad biking, belly dance, hot air balloon ride, and many more.


There are many types of safaris you can choose from. From luxurious safaris that let you ride in a style that takes you to unexplored locations which include:

1.Morning Desert Safari:

The morning Dubai Desert Safari is the best part of the day. The beauty and natural view of the morning can not be compared with another part of the day. It is for those who want to enjoy the sights of the desert before the weather becomes too hot.  It offers all the adventurous activities that you find in a regular or evening desert safari. You start your Morning Desert Safari with dune bashing and follow it up with camel riding, sandboarding and quad biking. You can also choose to go on a hot-air balloon ride and enjoy the fantastic sunrise of the desert.

2.Evening Desert Safari:

The Dubai Desert Safari has many dunes with crazy peaks and falls. Expert drivers take you dune bashing which is as exciting as a roller coaster ride. This activity will get your heart. You cant get your hands painted with henna and tattoo, try Arabic clothes to capture mesmerizing pictures, smoke shisha, and many more. The night ends in grand style with belly dancing performances and a delicious BBQ dinner. It is considered as the perfect end to an exhilarating evening. You can also get a chance to experience the sunset in the ocean of the desert.

3.Overnight Desert Safari:

After enjoying the evening in the desert dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel riding you can get a chance of enjoying other activities and dining and can spend the night in tents and in a calm atmosphere. You can also enjoy night activities which include belly dance, shisha smoking, Traditional Tanoura dancing which is known as the famous Egyptian male dance show and is much joyful and entertaining. Also, get a chance of capturing a beautiful sunset in your memories, and then the view of stars in the sky which is very beautiful.

4.Red Dune Desert Safari:

Most people think that Dubai Desert Safari is just a place of sand and cactuses. However, there is so much more fun to do. In Desert Safari, you engage in fun activities like sand-boarding in the soft and smooth sand, which is similar to snowboarding and also get an experience to enjoy thrilling and adventurous dune bashing with 4WD.

5.Premium Desert Safari:

With premium desert safari explore the beauty of the world. It is different from other safaris because in Premium Desert Safari you can enjoy sandboarding on the nearby dunes and can also experience the excitement of holding a falcon on your wrist. It is the best time to capture your snaps to make that moment memorable. This journey will make you want to enjoy this tour for a long time.


Here are some tips that would help you to experience an awesome Dubai Desert Safari tour.

  1. Always adhere to safety instructions before visiting Desert Safari and follow all the instructions before trying any adventurous sport like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, etc. This would help you to keep safe from any kind of accident.
  2. Do not carry too many valuable things with you. A little amount of cash is all you need during your visit.
  3. Your dress should be comfortable. The evenings in the desert can be warm so it is suggested to go for some cotton, loose-fitting clothes. However, the nights at the desert become colder and hence it is best to carry a jacket or a shawl with you in case you feel cold.
  4. It would be best to avoid Dubai Desert Safari during the months of Ramadan as you would not be able to entertain such activities like Tanoura and belly dance or smoke shisha during this time of the year.

Dubai Desert Safari is surely the Arabic experience that offers both culture and adventure. You would never get bored at Desert Safari. Moreover, you can also get a chance of enjoying adventurous sports which are mentioned above and can also enjoy some outdoor activities like camel riding, Tandem Skydive, Surfing, Horse racing, traditional boat racing and many more. In short, it is the best way of entertaining.

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