November 2, 2019
Holidays In Dubai

There are so many places to visit at Abu Dhabi Tour. Most of which you have not heard before or have seen them anywhere. There are a lot of spots for you to visit at Abu Dhabi Tour apart from Ferrari World, Sheikh Zayed Mosque and  YAS water world. Princess Tourism will take you to places that will impress you completely. Let’s have a look at some of them.


On the off chance that you can’t envision enjoying water sports like kayaking and stream boating in the sandy deserts of Dubai, Wadi Adventure had made the exercises accessible. The best goal for a rush filled experience involvement on Abu Dhabi Tour, Wadi Adventure is a treat for adrenaline junkies.

The recreation center highlights three channels where you can appreciate kayaking and stream boating. Furthermore, the spot additionally offers experience exercises like zip-lining, vertical climbing divider, and goliath swing. On the off chance that you need some genuine activity on Abu Dhabi Tour, Wadi Adventure is the spot to be.


Remaining consistent with its name, this is extremely a fun spot to visit with the family on your Abu Dhabi Tour. Hili Fun City is an entertainment mecca that offers significantly more past exciting rides and attractions. This park additionally asserts the title for being the Gulf’s first amusement park. The recreation center highlights an aggregate of 28 attractions which have been intended to be appreciated by guests of various age gatherings.

This park is an extraordinary decision for a cookout spot and furthermore has a family amphitheater. What’s more, when you are finished encountering the delight and chuckling this park offers you, you can likewise appreciate shopping and eating at Hili Fun City.


Marina Eye is a goliath wheel opened for guests in 2015, and from that point forward it has been a standout amongst the most vaunted Abu Dhabi visitor places. The all-encompassing perspectives on Abu Dhabi from this perception wheel cause the spot to seem shocking.

Here, you to sit in a glass case and the 196-foot tall wheel turns, giving you a chance to appreciate the experience for around 5 minutes. A visit to this fascination offers you a chance to absorb the beguiling cityscape on Abu Dhabi Tour around evening time while getting a charge out of the rush of sitting on a goliath wheel.


A social outing of the Abu Dhabi Tour is fragmented without a visit to Qasr Al Hosna, the most seasoned stone structure in the city. The structure is otherwise called White Fort and is a fantastic case of the customary design of the locale.

Worked in the eighteenth century, this spot presently has a changeless display which gives you a chance to get experiences into the way of life and history of Dubai through photos and oral declarations. In a spot brimming with cutting edge structures, Qasr Al Hosn strikes an excellent complexity. Princess Tourism promises to show you every ounce of places on your Abu Dhabi Tour

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