January 23, 2020
Desert Safari Dubai

If you haven’t gone for a Desert Safari Dubai, have you ever experienced Dubai? Desert Safari in Dubai is considered to be the best visiting place and it is an extremely popular place in Dubai. This place is considered to be a must for everyone who is visiting UAE. We suggest it highly and it will be worth every penny spend.


We prefer Morning Desert Safari as a desert safari in the morning gives a brilliant start to your day. The morning sun gives a golden glow to the sand of the desert which is still cool with the effect of a previous cold night.

The sunrise in Desert safari is an outstanding experience. You leave the busy life behind and head out straight to the Desert safari in a 4*4 vehicle. You will see some stunning desert scenery, rare birds, wildlife and experience fun activities and will have enough time to cover all this while the desert is still relatively cool.

After this all exciting desert activities, a sumptuous breakfast awaits you to indulge your gastronomical appetite. After having breakfast, you can do some quad-biking (ATV), sand dune buggy driving, hot air balloon ride, sandboarding, camel riding, etc. You can also choose a camel ride early in the morning and relish the sunrise and the early morning desert sun.


Many people prefer evening Desert safari and they assume that morning desert safari can get too hot. However, desert mornings are pretty nice and cool. The rays of the sun are not so harsh and it also gives you enough time to enjoy the desert activities in bright sunlight and can also enjoy the golden glow of sand.

On the other hand, the evening Desert safari begins in the late afternoon when it’s too hot. Morning Desert Safari also gives you an opportunity to spot some rare wildlife that can commonly be seen in the morning hour. Wildlife includes Arabian oryxes and Gazelle species and many more. There are some other special activities like hot air balloon ride which is available only in morning safari.

You shall also enjoy the desert tour with a lesser number of tourists around you and that tour will be quite peaceful. You can eat like a king at breakfast which is part of this safari. The golden glow of sand gives you an excellent opportunity to capture the beauty of the desert through your camera.


A lavish breakfast is provided to the tourists. A wide variety of standard international dishes can be provided as well as many local delicacies like Rgaag with egg, Arabic bread and egg preparation, Balaleet (sweet noodles) and pancakes, called Chbaab are also served for breakfast. Arabic coffee is quite popular as well


The Desert Safari begins with a dune bashing session. Then you are taken on a fun rollercoaster ride up and down the sand dunes by the expert driver. Many other activities are also available which includes:


Sandboarding is also known as Sand Surfing is a board sport similar to snowboarding. It is a recreational activity and usually takes place on sand dunes. The whole process involves sliding down, or across. It is popular in desert regions like the UAE and in Dubai because these are desert regions.


Dune buggy rides in Desert safari are a new version of off-road exploration. It is an adventurous ride where you can self-drive the dune buggy. The minimum age required is 15 years and proper safety gears should be taken. While riding makes sure that you are near to the desert as possible with at least four people in the same vehicle.


A hot air balloon ride is a must-do activity in Desert Safari. This ride is ideal to witness Dubai’s architectural and natural beauty from above and give you an unforgettable experience from a smoothly floating hot air balloon. In a hot air balloon, there is an accommodation of about 24 people with a professional pilot.


Camel Ride is popular in Desert Safari Dubai. Camels have actually been used as a mean of transportation for many years. They carry massive loads and can travel long distances. Tourists enjoy camel rides by sitting on the back of camels which is very joyful. A camel ride is actually an amazing way to explore the Desert Safari.


Sand Skiing is another popular sport activity in Desert Safari Dubai. This is an activity for you if you have a thing for snowboarding and skiing. You get to ski from the highest dune of the desert on a skiboard. It is a safe ride for all because even if you fall, smooth and soft sand will catch you. It is a dive from 12,000 feet.


Quad biking another thrilling activity and it is not for the fainthearted people. It is basically an All-terrain vehicle that has four wheels and is made for desert driving in a perfect way. If you want to call yourself meanderer, then this ride is for you. It is an amazing ride over the lush golden dunes of the Dubai desert.


Riding a motorbike on a sandy desert is very joyful. While you don’t have to experience, you must at least be able to balance a two-wheeler. You will get to explore new slopes almost every time. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a delicious barbecue, try out beautiful henna designs, wear traditional clothes, enjoy shisha, and also watch a belly dance performance which is performing on Arabic tunes at a campsite. You can also enjoy tanoura dance and the feet tapping belly. dance. You get the best experience that is worth every penny spent. However, belly dancing and sheesha are not available during the month of Ramadan.

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