February 3, 2020
Desert Safari Dubai

An ultimate experience of Dubai is a visit to Desert Safari. It gives you a glimpse of desert life and offers a lot of joy. It is a perfect mixture of adventure, culture, entertainment, and the best food and is a place that can not be missed. Desert Safari is a popular attraction and you would find different types of desert safaris in Dubai. Starting from the basic ones to top-end, luxury safari, and can choose a desert as per your needs, requirements, etc. It is a place where you must visit during your vacations when you plan your trip to Dubai. It is a chance to experience an unforgettable landscape. The highlight of Desert Safari is seeing the vast desert and also have plenty of fun by enjoying various activities.


Here you can take a look at the different types of Desert Safari:


Morning Desert Safari is delightful for early risers, giving you a chance to see the glorious and beautiful sunrise in the desert. In this safari, you can get a chance to enjoy many adventurous activities like dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, try sandboarding, take photos, and spend some time by spotting wildlife creatures like Gazelles and Arabian oryx.

Most Morning Desert Safari starts from 9 am and lasts for 2 to 3.5 hours allowing you extra time for many other activities later in the afternoon.

The view of the sunrise in Desert Safari is an outstanding experience. The cool early morning breeze of desert sun is going to be the most beautiful experience of your life. You can also choose to ride a camel in the morning and enjoy the sunrise and the early morning desert sun and can also enjoy photography in early Morning Desert safari to make memories that will last forever. The morning sun gives a golden glow to the sand which is still cool with the previous cold night.

Morning Desert safari is the perfect time of the day to witness the exotic birds that will be out and about in the morning.


A lot of people select for Evening Desert Safari as morning desert safari gets too hot. You can enjoy Evening desert safari by watching a mesmerizing dance show, star gazing, trying henna painting, Tanura dance performance, shisha smoking, sunset photography, Emirati dress photoshoot, and an international BBQ dinner.

The time of an Evening Desert Safari starts in the late afternoon enjoying the thrill of some adventure. You will find yourself in the middle of never-ending soft sand dunes with an orangish-red tone. You are free to absorb the amazing beauty of the Arabian Desert with the backdrop of setting sun in the amber sky. A great spread of traditional, as well as continental delicacies, fascinate your taste bud. You will enjoy an Evening Desert Safari under a star-laden sky in the perfect way to wind up the day.


The overnight Desert Safari offers a full experience of the desert, the fascinating cultural heritage of Dubai and lets you enjoy the Desert Safari at night. It is an extension of the evening Desert safari, However, you can spend your night in an open desert camp under the blanket of wonderful stars. Nothing can compare the beauty of sleeping under the desert sky.

Let’s begin the journey with an adventurous dune bashing drive that is followed by an array of many fun activities. You can also enjoy the falcon show and see the stunning view of the Arabian sun setting over the golden sand dunes.

This is followed by an array of fun activities by way of camel ride, photographic opportunities in traditional Emirati clothes, charming henna tattooing, shisha smoking, and delicious BBQ. The real highlight of an Over-night Desert safari is an amazing belly dance show


Many people select Evening Desert Safari because they assume that Morning desert safari can get too hot. However, Morning desert safari is pretty nice and cool. The slanting rays of the sun are not too harsh and also gives you enough time to enjoy the desert activities in mesmerizing sunlight.

However, Evening Desert Safari begins in the late afternoon when it is still very hot. Morning Desert Safari gives you a chance to spot some beautiful wildlife creatures like Arabian oryxes and gazelle species that comes out mostly in the morning time. There are also some other activities like hot air balloon ride which can only be offered by the Morning Desert Safari.


No matter which type of Desert Safari you choose for yourself, but there are certain tips that you should follow to have a great time. Here are some helpful safari tips that will make your trip beautiful and hassle-free.

  1. The best time to go for Desert Safari is the winter season. In winter season afternoons are pleasant, sunrays are not too harsh, and evenings are cool. If you are deciding to go in the summer season, we suggest you go for Evening Desert Safari, as the temperature in the desert is quite cooler after sunset.
  2. Wear loose, comfortable cotton clothes while going to Desert safari. Accessories that are necessary to protect yourself from heat are sunglasses and hat, even in Evening desert safari. While in the winter season do not forget to carry a jacket or shawl with yourself.
  3. Do not wear closed shoes at Desert safari. Go for open shoes or sandals. Closed shoes are not preferable as there are chances of sand slipping inside and later cleaning the closed shoes could be difficult. From sandals or shoes, you can easily get the sand off them.
  4. It is compulsory to listen to the instructors carefully before trying any of the adventurous rides, as it diminishes the chances of any kind of accidents.
  5. Carry some cash, camera, and necessary medicines for Desert safari.

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